Meet The Passion Behind Kickassd

Webhosting is our passion, we live and breathe it, and we want to share that passion with you. We want to help you succeed in whatever your Webhosting goal is, these things are what drive us.

A Small Tight Knit Team

We are a team small but very tight knit team of 3. We strongly believe that a small, efficient, and professional team can and will offer better service and support than a large inefficient team. If we find the right people in the future we may take on 1-3 people more but no more than that. Just as our team is small so will our customer base be, and when the time comes that we are running at capacity for our small team we will stop accepting new orders.

Our World Is Fast

The online world is in hyperspeed and this means your website also needs to be up to speed. A slow website in this day and age will get you penalties from Google, lost sales, unhappy customers, and a tarnished reputation. We have built our service and environment with this in mind and are proud to offer you a truly high performance Webhosting environment.

Targeted Webhosting

Kickassd is targeted Webhosting service provider, and not satisfied with offering just another Webhosting service. Instead we are targeting Webmasters, web developers, business owners, and those who demand a high level Webhosting service where uptime, speed, and lightning fast disaster recovery are absolutely must haves. Is this you? If so look no farther.

An Eye To The Future

The web advances so quickly it can be hard to keep up, this is why we always keep “An Eye To The Future”. One of our first steps into the future will be Docker integration into cPanel. This will allow you to deploy and manage Docker containers from within your cPanel interface. This adds almost unimaginable flexibilty to our Webhosting services and is something we are very excited about. While not quite yet ready it is coming in the near future and when it does the sky is the limit!

Join The Kickassd Family

We invite you to join us and become a part of the Kickassd family. Experience the difference of a Webhosting provider that truly cares and wants to see you succeed. We look forward to getting to know you!